Andrea Bremner BSc (Hons) MSc
Nutritional Therapy | NLP Master Coach
07721 881021

Nutritional Therapy and NLP - a unique combination

I am a Nutritional Therapist and NLP Master Coach and am uniquely placed to help you with your diet. I can offer emotional support and motivation, ensuring that you eat the right foods in order to feel good, both physically and mentally. My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change were born out of my desire to heal family, friends and myself. My mission is to pass on my knowledge to others who suffer from mental and physical conditions, to help heal them so they can live their life at optimum health. 

As we age we begin to suffer from numerous disorders: feeling tired all the time, lacking mental clarity, struggling to get a good nights sleep, suffering from stiff and achy joints, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, feeling overweight and sluggish, increasing digestive issues, just to name a few. My aim is to teach you the tools required for you to become your own healer.

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