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Fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking can disrupt your sleep as well as ruin your career. Communicating ideas clearly in a public forum is an essential component of success, though it is only a small minority, about 10%, that really enjoy it and about 25% that report experiencing real fear (Psychology Today). However, we can all develop the skill of presenting to a group and techniques and tools of Mindfulness and NLP are at hand to help.

The techniques which are covered in coaching sessions focusing on public speaking include:

  • Mindful breathing
  • Anchoring calmness
  • Positive language patterns
  • Focusing on body language
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Breaking bad habits

Usually 3-4 sessions are required on a weekly basis and then if the client wants more regular support then monthly management programmes are put into practice.

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04-12-2019 9:41 PM

Dr Rupy on gut health

Dr Rupy interviewed on Chris Evans Breakfast Show on 2nd December. Dr Rupy is launching a new book which is about healing yourself through food. In the interview he talks about the importance of gut health and its link to physical health.

Listen in here, only 5 minutes long.

Latest Testimonial
"I live in Derbyshire and found Andrea online after searching for gut health and autoimmune conditions. I was going through tests for an autoimmune disease further to being unwell. Andrea was very helpful and explained the whole Purify program to me via webcam. The aim was to heal my gut, reduce inflammation and to get my energy levels back up as I have been struggling with this. I found the program very straightforward and easily achievable. I am now back at work with greater energy and feel that a lot of the inflammation has subsided. I am still waiting for my results to come back, but feel this has helped me on my journey to wellness."
Sam Freeman
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