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Gut Microbiome

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The bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea which live in your gut and on your skin is called your microbiome. A natural ecosystem totally cultivated by you. At least a 100 trillion of them. That is 1,500 times more humans than on the planet all squashed into your belly. More on one of your fingertips than there are people in Britain!! Of those 100 trillion, there are around 5,000 different species. We only have 10 trillion human cells in our bodies!! which means by cell count we are only 10% human DNA!!

We have just shy of 21,000 human genes, but a small fruit fly has 31,000 and a rice plant 42,000. So how do we with the complex human body, run it on such a small number of genes? Well it is because our microbiome runs us with 4.4 million genes between them!

But as a result of toxins in our modern day society we have managed to damage these delicate mirco-organisms  and now we have only 50% the variety of good microbes when compared to 70 years ago. As a result we are now experiencing an exponential increase in 21st century chronic illnesses such as anxiety, hay fever, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, autism, IBS, allergies, eczema, acne,psoriasis, rosacea, asthma, coeliac disease, Crohn's disease, colitis, parkinsons, brain fog, sleep issues, hot flushes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases. These are all on the rise and are now being called NCDs (non contagious diseases) and are all being linked to damage to our microbiome.

If you are suffering from any of these NCDs it is possibly because your microbiome has become damaged and needs rebalancing. To reach a state of mental and physical wellness you need to change what you eat and add certain things to your diet such as psychobiotics to make you well again.  

To find out how to do rebalance your microbiome please contact me direct by clicking here.

In the interim you can take a look at these two websites:

  1. Kefir at the Chuckling Goat
  2. 21 day purify programme from Synergy Worldwide

Watch a live video of my 90 minute presentation on The Microbiome. This will cost you £15 to watch and you can sign up by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button and then you will be sent a username and password so you can sign in and get started. There are no additional hidden fees. At the end of the 90 minutes you will have a good understanding of your gut microbes, how they determine your health and how you can rebuild and protect them, putting you on the path to mental and physical wellness.

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