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Nutritional Therapy | NLP Master Coach
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Gut Health Talks

Join one of my talks on gut health and its link to our overall wellbeing and learn how your gut microbes have control over your mental and physical health, including whether you can fight off disease, put on weight, develop an autoimmune disorder or suffer from anxiety. 

Getting your gut working optimally for you again is like firing up a super engine for self-healing and repair. 

NLP International Conference

On the 15th May 2021, at the International Neuro Linguistic Programming annual conference, I am doing a talk on the microbiome and its link to physical and mental wellbeing. You do not have to be NLP qualified to attend and the subject matter over the whole weekend is fascinating. So if you want to come along and learn more about NLP, as well as gut health, then take a look here:

International NLP Conference 2021

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