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Power Walking

If your health, fitness and wellness is important to you then get your week off to a good start and join Andrea in her FREE power walking class on Monday mornings.

A reasonable level of fitness is required to attend. You will need to be able to walk 3.5 miles in one hour. You must wear suitable clothing and footwear. Waterproof walking shoes are a must as we often walk on uneven, muddy and sometimes waterlogged ground. If you want to carry items which do not fit into pockets, we recommend a small rucksack.

We meet every Monday at 9.30am, at Oakley Park on Albany Road in Fleet. Just turn up and at 9.30am and join in. Enjoy chatting with our friendly group as you walk around the beautiful parks, canal and woodlands of Fleet. The time flies and you don't even realise you have walked 3.5 miles!

If you would like to put in some steps on a Monday morning then just turn up. If you want to find out more, then please contact me.

19-09-2019 10:42 AM

Vaginal birth and Caesarean: Differences in babies' bacteria

Babies born by Caesarean section have dramatically different gut bacteria to those born vaginally, according to the largest study in the field.

Read more on BBC news here:

Latest Testimonial
"Since Monday I’ve stopped cows milk in everything bar some yoghurt I had to finish up. Happened to say to my husband earlier “I’m not sure I dare say it, but I haven’t had restless legs since I stopped the milk”. And even after saying it, they haven’t started up!!! As someone said to me this evening “name one other species that continues to drink milk after they’ve been weaned”. Good point methinks. The microbiome certainly is fascinating – thank you so much for introducing me to it 😊 Also, after a bit of digging around I found this:"
J. Skinner from Fleet
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