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NHS UK states that in 2016, 26 per cent of adults were classified as obese which has increased from 15 per cent in 1993 but has remained at a similar level since 2010. In 2016/17, 1 in 5 children in Year 6 and 1 in 10 children in Reception were classified as obese. Also in 2016/17 there were 617 thousand admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was a factor which is an increase of 18 per cent on 2015/16. We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic and both adults and children are in need of help.

A study carried out by researchers from McGill University in Canada, Harvard University in the US and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Overall, they found mindfulness interventions were associated with small-to-moderate effects on weight loss and there were also some improvements in eating behaviours in the mindfulness groups, such as a reduction in binge eating.

Weight loss coaching sessions including Mindfulness and NLP techniques coupled with tips on meals, snacks and exercise enabling clients to lose weight and keeping it off for the long term. Sessions include:

  • Nutritional analysis and advice.
  • Recommended exercise programmes.
  • NLP tools to change bad habits and maintain motivation.
  • Mindful eating practices.

Usually 3-4 sessions are required on a weekly basis and then if the client wants more regular support then monthly management programmes are put into practice.

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Latest Testimonial
"Since Monday I’ve stopped cows milk in everything bar some yoghurt I had to finish up. Happened to say to my husband earlier “I’m not sure I dare say it, but I haven’t had restless legs since I stopped the milk”. And even after saying it, they haven’t started up!!! As someone said to me this evening “name one other species that continues to drink milk after they’ve been weaned”. Good point methinks. The microbiome certainly is fascinating – thank you so much for introducing me to it 😊 Also, after a bit of digging around I found this:"
J. Skinner from Fleet
19-09-2019 10:42 AM

Vaginal birth and Caesarean: Differences in babies' bacteria

Babies born by Caesarean section have dramatically different gut bacteria to those born vaginally, according to the largest study in the field.

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