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Andrea Bremner reviews

"After the 21 day cleanse I have lots more energy and the early mornings are no longer a struggle. I don’t experience brain fog at 4pm and the intense sugar cravings are no longer present. I thought eliminating dairy and carbs would be difficult but I found myself craving vegetables instead! I will definitely continue with this new way of eating. Thank you for all the advice and support throughout. It helped me stay accountable and continue on the process."
Isobel Morrisey
"Karin, who is about to start the 21 day detox programme, said: "Your talk last night has struck a chord with me. Since early menopause at 40 I’ve had ongoing weight issues, even when on a strict diet and working out daily. Which wasn’t sustainable for me, it left me exhausted. You said “Your body won’t use a toxic fat cell for fuel” and that was a light-bulb moment. I’ve always been a bit distrustful of detox gurus, it all seemed a bit “faddy” but now I get it. Thank you for a really informative, helpful and inspirational talk, you packed a lot into a couple of hours." For any peri-menopausal or menopausal women, please do get in touch. This programme may just be the life changing kick-start you need."
Karin Dean
"Andrea was our speaker for the first Zoom conference call meeting held by the West London Aromatherapy Network. Her presentation was superb, full of wonderful information on gut health and how to gain and maintain it. She has such a huge knowledge of her subject, born from personal and professional experience; this showed in how she engaged with the group and their questions. She presented a power point presentation via the share screen facility of Zoom which worked brilliantly. We are looking to invite Andrea back to speak about mental health and how Mindfulness and NLP can help."
Louise Crockart from the West London Aromatherapy Group
"During the Convid 19 crisis we launched a new digital platform so that we could engage with our members in providing live classes and educational seminars. Andrea provided a talk for us how to “Boost your immune system by understanding your gut health”. The talk was extremely well presented, engaging and informative with Andrea demonstrating herself to be a true expert in her field."
Paul Ramsay, 3d Leisure Ltd
"Always love it when I get emails like this from clients. This is from Gill Williams who started the 21 day gut healing programme in October last year. "I am going to order another 'detox' later in the year. However, I’m pleased to report I have now lost 2 stone in weight and I’m feeling so much better for it! The new found eating programme continues..." Well done Gill, fab news :-)"
"This testimonial made me cry … happy tears. From Ruth who is only on day 12 of the 21 day gut healing program with husband Garry. "Thank YOU Andrea!! I can definitely say that my mind is sharper, my skin is better, I haven’t had my daily heartburn and reflux, I physically feel that my insides are better, my taste buds are VERY different and I honestly haven’t craved the things I would normally be wanting. Crisps mainly!! And SO important to me, I have been taking some form of sleeping aid for so long I cannot remember how many years, and guess what? I have not taken anything and I am sleeping. Andrea this is like winning the lottery for me, magic. Also, as the mind fog started to disappear I kept blinking - must be like having cataracts removed. Everything much sharper. I think I can feel my cells enjoying food for the first time. Another thing that comes to mind (see, this is my failing, once I start talking I can’t stop!) is portion control. We have eaten a lot less but enjoyed every mouthful… can actually feel the crunch of cucumber. A winning combo was smoked salmon with lettuce, cottage cheese and cucumber and black olives. Instead of have a load just dolloped on the plate, I would lovingly spread out one large lettuce leaf and then make a pretty picture with one slice of smoked salmon blah blah blah. None of that was intentional - it just happened. Then we realised we were actually tasting our food. Delicious. This has been a transformational experience and I will be telling everyone I know that they owe it to themselves to do this. A great way to start the year and the decade. Thank you so much for your support. The entire experience has been brilliant, and we would definitely do it again. You are more than welcome to use any of my words, but just to add that we have also lost weight but no idea how much as our scales are broken. Let me just say my rubber ring buoyancy aid around my stomach has developed a puncture 🤣 and ps….I will let Garry speak for himself but I have noticed he is much less anxious and joy of joys he is getting his old sense of humour back. He is in the kitchen at the moment happily chopping veg and blending spices and stuff to make our dinner for tonight, a happy chappy!"
Ruth Fry
"Thanks again for another brilliant session at Our tutor get together. As before, the immediate feedback was hugely positive and your presence and input to our last 2 meetings has been brilliant. Thank you."
Chris Smith, Rock & Pop Foundation
"I did purify because I knew I could feel better than I was. I’m heading for my menopausal years and I’m an endurance athlete with a big target in 2020 so I wanted to ensure my gut health was good so that I can absorb all my nutrients for energy to train and race. I also wanted to balance my hormones in advance of my body’s impending change. My intuition was spot on - my gut did need some healing and continues to do so. This is just the start of my gut journey because I loved the challenge of stripping my diet back and eating well again. I want to fly next year! I want to look after me! Thank you Andrea and Purify!"
Morag McDowall
"Delighted for Gill Williams and her amazing 21 day purify results! Great way to start 2020. "I did the 21 day Purify to improve my general well-being and also, hopefully, to lose weight. I lost 12 pounds during the program and have continued with the Purify friendly foods, and I’m continuing to lose weight. Food cravings have gone! I’ve always suffered with migraines and, so far, I haven’t had one since starting the diet. I am sleeping better and my brain feels ‘switched on’! I’m continuing with the Purify friendly foods, with an occasional ‘meal off’ when entertaining or eating out. I intend to repeat the program in about 6 months’ time. Thanks Andrea, I’m spreading the word as people are beginning to notice my weight loss!""
Gill Williams
"I live in Derbyshire and found Andrea online after searching for gut health and autoimmune conditions. I was going through tests for an autoimmune disease further to being unwell. Andrea was very helpful and explained the whole Purify program to me via webcam. The aim was to heal my gut, reduce inflammation and to get my energy levels back up as I have been struggling with this. I found the program very straightforward and easily achievable. I am now back at work with greater energy and feel that a lot of the inflammation has subsided. I am still waiting for my results to come back, but feel this has helped me on my journey to wellness."
Sam Freeman
"You are one of best presenters I have ever seen - you need a spot on BBC I think! I found your presentation extremely informative, with just the right amount of detail for me to appreciate how much you know and have researched. Well done for persevering when so many wouldn't have so that we, and everyday mum and wife, can learn about how to take care of our families and ourselves. I will definitely be seeking a one-to-one consultation with you in the near future."
Nicole Marcussen
"Over the 3 week gut microbiome re-set, I have lost 4kg and my blood sugar has halved. It’s still not quite within acceptable parameters but is so much lower that I feel a great deal better. I have more energy, fewer headaches and am much more awake than I was before I started."
Tracy Corbett
"Wow! I’ve just completed the 21 Days Microbiome Purify Detox. I did the program with my daughter who is 18 and my mum who is 76! I must say embarking on this I had doubts in myself that I could complete it. I have never detoxed before and the thought of giving up “my favourite things” for 21 days was very daunting, but I did it! The sense of achievement is huge, I keep patting myself on the back. I found that I became more focused, disciplined and determined with my new healthy eating regime and I really miss the routine of it all! On the 2nd week of the program I found that my energy levels had become very high. After a few hours sleep at night I was waking up raring to go. After my 3 mile power walk I felt like I could jog round again! At night time usually I would be falling asleep at 10pm and now I am not feeling tired until midnight. Just having boundless energy. In 2016 I contracted salmonella poisoning in Turkey whilst on holiday. My gut had never been the same since, not being able to eat certain foods as this would upset my system. This has been very debilitating but since the 21 day program I have been able to go back to those foods and not have these symptoms. I had been on HRT for approximately 3 years. I’d run out of my tablets on the 19th September and as I was starting Purify on October 1st I decided to come off the tablets to see what would happen. Well I’ve now been off them for over 5 weeks and none of the signs of the Menopause have returned! Hallelujah! No more hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, low self esteem. Just brilliant! Having finished the program my taste buds and cravings have changed. I’m not craving bread, potatoes or milk chocolate which I used to love. I have discovered some amazing new recipes using the “Purify foods” and my daughter and I are continuing with those. I never felt hungry at all on the detox and even though I ate large amounts of purify foods, I still lost 9 lbs! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Andrea Bremner who was with us every step of the way giving us encouragement and information on the foods we could and couldn’t have. Even though the information with the purify kit was extensive and very helpful there were many times I’d be at the supermarket questioning a product, so I’d be back on the phone to Andrea and she was always there to help. So there you have it the “New Me”! It’s been very exciting and would highly recommend Purify to anyone who wants to heal themselves from the inside out."
Debbie Pearson
"Andrea first mentioned the purify program on a 1-2-1 session just before my holiday. I watched the recording of Andrea’s gut health talk and upon my return, I arranged to discuss further. Having gained an extra few pounds on top of the already unwanted ones I was looking forward to find out more. Andrea explained the program thoroughly and I signed up. I needed to do something for me as due to personal family issues my needs were at the bottom of the pile. The program was very easy to follow and full support given by Andrea and the Purify Facebook group was also helpful. The first week was very easy. The second intensive week was probably the hardest for me as although not too bad in taste, having the Biome DT sachets twice a day was a bit much on a couple of days but I persevered. It was nicknamed pond water! I did not find myself hungry at all and the Biome Shake was filing and was very a nice flavour. The third week was easy too. All the purify foods are ones that I really enjoy so wasn't any real effort at all. I just needed guiding in the right direction really, which Andrea regularly did. I started seeing results straight away and in the first week I had lost 4lbs. During the program people commented on how well I looked and how good my skin was. I reached the end of the program on Sunday 20th October and weighed and measured myself on the Monday morning. Overall weight loss was 10.5 pounds and 2.5 inches. I was more than happy with the results. Aside from this I have not felt so well both physically and mentally in a long time. Synergy recommend that you repeat the program every six months and I certainly will when the time comes. No more putting myself at the bottom of the pile!"
Julie Attard
"As a menopausal married woman I did the 21 day purify program to support my husband as he has numerous digestive issues. I thought doing it together would help him to stay on track and I was right. I hadn’t expected to experience any benefits myself but I was wrong!!!! Being menopausal has meant I haven’t had a good night’s sleep without waking every 2 hours for as long as I can remember but half way through the program I realised I was sleeping better and for much longer. For me that was worth the 21 days without any other benefits! I also knew that I already ate healthily but am delighted to have lost my “sweet tooth”, my taste buds really have changed, and I lost nearly a stone in weight so it was a win-win for me!"
Jan Curley
"After attending Andrea’s fabulous talks in Mindfulness & Anxiety and touching on the importance of the gut, this helped me make the decision to do the 21 day purify programme. Since being diagnosed with early onset of the menopause I have been struggling with energy, emotions and generally just not myself. After just a few days on the Purify programme it felt as if the fog had lifted and I felt more myself than I have in years. It has given me more energy and clarity. I feel much happier in myself, it was the best decision I made to do this programme. I just wanted to say thank you for your support Andrea throughout, which really made a difference."
Anna Woods
"I have for many years suffered with Mental Health issues, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Upon learning about the Microbiome, our gut health, I decided to try the 21 day purify program. I initially thought it would be difficult to do as I am a chocoholic and love a few drinks too. Once I had mentally prepared myself to do it, I made a commitment to myself and it was so easy to do. I felt so empowered throughout each stage and as well as repairing my gut health and changing my eating lifestyle, I learned to strengthen my willpower and determination. I feel like I have a new lease of life now and more importantly I am in control of what I put in my body. I don’t have cravings for chocolate, cakes and junk food as the bad bacteria that craves these foods is no longer there. This is a lifestyle change for me and I can’t thank Andrea and the Synergy team enough for helping me to empower myself and conquer a long standing feud I’ve had with junk food. I’m going to keep going with some elements of the detox that will help me go from strength to strength moving forward."
Rebecca Rice
"I was interested when my wife started talking about the microbiome, but I’m not someone for going along to ‘talks’. Fortunately Andrea had recorded her talk and I found it fascinating. As I’ve had several throat and chest infections every year for decades, and have really poor eating and drinking habits, I thought I’d give it a go. My wife and I did the 21 day Purify programme together, and I found doing the intense 7 day detox part of it quite difficult to start with, mainly because of fitting in the meals, snacks, tablets and shakes etc. to my routine at work. But I was determined and found it easier as I got more used to it. The hardest thing was no alcohol for those 7 days! But it has definitely been worth doing. It’s hard to explain but I did actually feel better during the detox, even though I had the mother of all sore throats – clearly the toxins which had built up over years coming back to haunt me. By the end I felt much better and lost a stone in the run up and during the 21 days. We’ve just had a fortnight’s holiday abroad and even though I’ve been drinking more again, I came home to find I’d lost another 6 lbs! Apparently this is because my body can actually process the fat now that I’ve detoxed. I plan on redoing the 21 days Purify shortly as I feel so much better already, but know that I was so full of toxins that I think I’d really benefit from a further detox."
"Having struggled with depression and anxiety for years, I cannot tell you how much of a difference Andrea’s introducing me to the microbiome and Synergy has made to me. I’d already seen the difference food choices make when I gave up cow’s milk following one of Andrea’s talks on anxiety, each of which included a five minute ‘taster’ re the microbiome. Having given it up on the Monday, I happened to notice on the Thursday that I no longer had the restless legs with which I’d suffered for over 30 years. And I haven’t had them since! So I was intrigued to see what difference the 21 day Synergy Purify programme would make, and in summary – “Wow!” The biggest plus for me has been the improvement in my mental health, and the difference that has made for me, particularly at work. I am amazed and delighted at how positive and focussed I now am, at my ability to make decisions without agonising over them, and simply not worrying about stuff which isn’t important. I even catch myself feeling happy quite often now! And to cap it all? Towards the end of the 21 days, I was driving to work - alone - and heard someone say “I LOVE who I am”. I actually looked around the car to check that nobody else had said it before realising that it was my own voice, in my head, talking to ME. For someone with virtually zero self-esteem, I cannot tell you how powerful that was. For me, Andrea’s talks and Synergy have been life-changing, in the most positive way possible. The Synergy programme does seem expensive, but if I compare it with what I’ve spent on therapy over the years, and the ‘cost’ of my negative thinking, it is worth every penny."
"Since Monday I’ve stopped cows milk in everything bar some yoghurt I had to finish up. Happened to say to my husband earlier “I’m not sure I dare say it, but I haven’t had restless legs since I stopped the milk”. And even after saying it, they haven’t started up!!! As someone said to me this evening “name one other species that continues to drink milk after they’ve been weaned”. Good point methinks. The microbiome certainly is fascinating – thank you so much for introducing me to it 😊 Also, after a bit of digging around I found this:"
J. Skinner from Fleet
"I have enjoyed all Andrea’s Mind Fitness sessions. All resonated in some way and were delivered in an entertaining and informative way, such a fantastic idea, I highly recommend to anyone if ever Andrea holds any again! The Microbiome last night was so enlightening and I am very excited to start taking on the advice. It was so very helpful and fascinating. Thank You Andrea!"
"Thank you Andrea for an AWESOME talk on Monday on the microbiome. Fascinating, thought-provoking, inspiring, and passionately-delivered. So pleased I've attended your talks!"
"Andrea makes her presentations interesting, informative and entertaining. It was good to learn that we can all take responsibility for our own physical and mental well being by rebalancing our microbiome and to hear the tools we can use to achieve this. A very enjoyable evening. Thank you Andrea."
"Thank you so much for your fascinating talk yesterday evening. It all made complete sense to me and I am excited about trying to mend and maintain my microbiome and educate my family into doing the same."
"Thank you for such an interesting evening yesterday. You are the first person who has said what I’ve always thought, that the calorie in calorie out idea doesn’t add up. We found the whole presentation fascinating, loads of new information ."
"Hello from Italy! I am seeing so many benefits of our sessions together out here on my holiday. I've walked on my own, walked around the pool with my head held high. Sat with new people and chatted. And all without one single panic attack - unlike last year! Amazing! Just wanted to drop you a little line x See you soon!"
"Andrea's Mind Fitness course has been informative, helpful and fascinating. It all seems to make perfect sense when delivered in this positive and entertaining way. The scientific approach is a breath of fresh air making it all so incredibly easy to understand, without being in the least patronising (as often these things can be) you wonder why it took you so long to get a grip! Already, by adopting Andrea's strategies I am beginning to see a positive difference in my self-esteem and general well-being. Thank you Andrea. I am looking forward to the rest of the talks."
"I have been lucky enough to see Andrea for 1:1 sessions as well as attending 3 of her Mind Fitness sessions. As someone who has struggled with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for many years I am so happy that Andrea is able to help me begin to change my negative thoughts and I am already starting to feel much better. I love that she not only focuses on the psychology but also considers the body as a whole and I have found her suggestions on nutrition really useful. I can not recommend Andrea highly enough, she’s amazing. Thank you Andrea!"
"Thank you very much for your help and guidance over the last few months. I am now in a very different place to where I was back in December. I still have work to do but I now have more tools in my toolbox to help me achieve this."
"You'll be pleased to know that I got into Southampton University to do my first choice course with 2 A*s and 1 A!!! Thank you so much for all your help and advice through the run up to my exams it really, really helped. I genuinely cannot believe my result."
Sophie (17)
"The videos are presented very attractively, which encourages a person to watch them. Your message always resonates with me as it seems as if I already know instinctively that what you are saying is true, but it needed your input to bring the ideas to the surface to be acted upon. After Motivation this morning, I am on a mission!"
Pat Thorns
"Having suffered dreadfully from nerves all my life I was in need of some clear advice and strong guidance to help me face the daunting task of performing in front of thousands in my first major dancing competition. Andrea used a number of tools to help me redress my inner esteem issues and boost my confidence. With her help, not only did I compete in a calm yet determined manner but I was able to relax and express myself like I knew I could. My success was definitely boosted by her knowledge, her warm nature and applied skills."
"I achieved quite a few things last year, I believe thanks to your help. In July I was made a Director and I blasted through that target that I was set!"
"Wow am I doing well! I have been so positive. I have now lost 13 and a half pounds in weight and am a dress size smaller! I was asked by my Weight Watchers leader today what had I done to lose 2 and a half pounds this week. So I took a deep breath and told the group all about you and your course!"
"I visited Andrea after I’d been receiving regular panic attacks and anxiety. She made me feel relaxed instantly, and I felt fully comfortable to open up with issues I had been having. She gave me some amazing advice, and went through different exercises in order to change my thinking patterns. I would not hesitate to see her again, and would recommend her thoroughly to people who are going through anxiety."
"Thanks so much for today and for everything over the last year. I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been to have your insight on things, rather than you simply asking “And how does that make you feel?!” - to which, you might guess, my answer would be “I don’t know”! I’ve really appreciated your summaries of our sessions, it’s enormously helpful and I know that the work you’ve suggested has been so positive for me, when I’ve actually engaged with it!! I shall really miss our sessions but am sure that at some point in future I’ll be back to you – and in the meantime I can get my fix from your online videos!"
Jackie from Fleet
"Wow, I have achieved so much since we had our coaching sessions together 10 years ago. I am enjoying my job more and worrying a lot less. I managed to deal very well with the death of my Father-in-Law. I made conclusive decisions about house extensions and mortgages that I was forever putting off. And I finally did something with my weight and to date I have lost 7stone 2 lbs!"
"Thank you Andrea for giving me a tool box of suggestions and tips which I can dip into whenever I feel the need.  You have really helped me with my motivation and determination to succeed."
"Hi Andrea... I just wanted to let you know I am on day 16 of being sober !!! This is an absolute miracle for me!!! I used NLP techniques and Jack Canfield books and I had a rock bottom and then had the most amazing dream/revelation and my subconscious delivered some stuff to me that knocked my socks off. Thank you for your input and for NLP's input too!"
"I got off to a good start with your first 2 videos and I’m on the x-trainer every morning now before work – so have this positive 6km start to the day. It was the thought of feeling the same way I am now in 1 year, 5 year and 10 years, if I do not kick-start and make healthy food and lifestyle changes, that motivated me to get going with the x-trainer. I am also preparing my meals so I can eat my tea in the office at 6.30pm – as I do not want to be eating after 8pm. So ticking a few boxes on your list! Lost 2lb this week thanks to the x-trainer activity and eating before 8pm. Looking forward to studying more videos shortly."
Debbie from Fleet
"I attended Andrea's Mind over Fatter course over a year ago and having gained so much from it, I was very excited to find that she has now made the same course available online. I bought it straight away and having done one of the videos every day, I have now completed it. It was just as life changing as her original course, but having it in this format makes it so easy to use, as it is available any time you need it and in bite sized chunks. The amazing thing about the course, is that making changes in your life becomes easy and you don't even seem to need to think about it. I found myself making better choices, without any conscious thought. I just feel so much more focused and positive, having completed the course. Of course, life has a way of suddenly sending you off track, but with this, it would be so easy just to go over the videos again, to get straight back into the right frame of mind. I am just thrilled to have this available to me to switch on anytime, in the comfort of my own home. It is the best £50 I have spent in a long time!"
Rebecca Kennedy
"If you think your eating has got out of control, this really is worth a try. It's amazing how the Mind over Fatter programme changes your attitude to food, and its all about you and why you do it, and believe me by the end of your sessions it all becomes clear. I have lost weight on this programme and I eat normal everyday food, it was a real eye opener for me. Amazing! Really enjoyed my sessions they went so quick."
"I did the motivational video this morning. This is such a brilliant way to do your course. No sooner had I finished it, then I was up working through my list of things to do today and really getting motivated. I can't thank you enough for putting your course into this form. It is perfect for me. Can't wait to move on to the next part tomorrow."
Rebecca Kennedy
"I took a course of sessions with Andrea which she tailored to my exact needs.  She was quick to get the issues I had and I found her easy to talk to and really enjoyed each session.  I found the NLP fascinating and was amazed at how I found myself almost effortlessly dumping old habits and creating new healthier ones in their place.  Undoing a lifetime of bad habits isn’t easy but Andrea has got me on the right track and consequently I lost weight without dieting or denying myself."
"Just to let you know that I was successful at interview and have been offered the job. As I said, this was the first time during an interview that I was able to keep calm and not let my nerves get the better of me and I'm sure that's down to what I learnt on the course. Thanks again for such an interesting 6 weeks."
"Having tried many courses over the years I knew I needed to find something more meaningful, applicable and with lasting results. I had suffered with serious health issues for several years, had spent a great deal of time supporting others through bereavements, multiple family issues and had very low self esteem, no motivation and no focus or direction. Andrea in a short time has transformed my thinking and I am moving forward for the first time and excited about the future. I have the tools to address issues that have caused emotional eating and my confidence is back. Nothing beats personal coaching and Andrea is truly inspirational. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to re-focus and prioritise their life whatever their current challenges are."
Viv Smith
"I've just started a new job so lots of positive changes already. The new job covers so many of the important things we discussed, great colleagues, a support network, structure, very close to home; it's very early days but I am happier already. I felt so relieved when I left my previous company and it's taken a few weeks to get my head round leaving but pretty much all the anxiety is gone now. Thanks so much for the amazing help you gave me. I was in a pretty bad place in our first session, I really needed help. You made me see things from a completely different perspective and gave me ways of coping when things got tough. I had the confidence to make the changes I needed to be happy and move forward - really life changing. I came out of each session inspired and ready for action, and here I am in a new job and a fresh start. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I meet, I think you are fantastic!"
"I started the NLP as I had become very run down from some difficult relationships and lacking in any self confidence or belief.  I had been to a counsellor previously, following a family bereavement also and, while it helped at the time, the issues were not resolved.  NLP and Andrea were recommended to me by a colleague and whilst I was sceptical, I decided there was nothing to lose.  Andrea was friendly and easy to talk to and was able to decipher the relevant information from our sessions to progress and provide a logical method for understanding the real issues and the tools to begin to deal with them.  From this I have become a stronger and much more assertive individual and my family and friends, who are my strongest supporters and my strongest critics in equal measure, have also commented on the positive changes since.  Granted, I have occasional wobbly moments but the NLP has taught me to refocus more quickly and I consider it to have made an affirmative, lasting impression on me which has much to do with the patience and support of my Coach."
Lisa Clarke
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me on the path to (hopefully permanent) weight loss! I can't believe that after many years of dieting on and off I seem to finally be getting there and most surprising to me, not feeling starving and miserable with it! I really appreciate what you have helped me achieve."
Carmen from Fleet
"From the Weight Management Programme I learnt how to avoid temptation, be better prepared, snack healthily and to use the power of my mind over my actions."
Lucy Pavia
"Thanks for everything you've done to help me change my outlook on myself."
Nigel Brooks
"Very enjoyable course throughout. Changes made already and plenty more ahead. Andrea - inspirational everyday."
Andrea Hussey (Administrator, Home Start)
"Thanks for making me realise my goals are achievable! A great course, I've learnt a lot and I am going to achieve my goals."
Liz Hardless (Teacher, Grey House School)
"Powerful, effective and meaningful."
Tom Cozens
"This session made me aware of all that's positive in my life and the fact that I have the power to make my life even better! Thanks."
Marion Rigg
"Inspirational! Made some things I have been struggling with quite clear. Feeling very empowered."
Sarah Stocker
"Participants found Andrea’s session well planned, delivering what she promised. It left them feeling motivated to take forward the goals they identified for their future."
Ruth Kirby (Frimley Park Hospital)
"I always feel very fired up and positive at the end of these sessions."
Diane Cheeseman
"On the Weight Management Programme I learnt techniques to address my beliefs and values which underpins our approach to weight loss. I also learnt a realistic and sensible approach to changing habits which can be sustained longer term."
"The (Weight Management) course was run to a really high standard. The NLP was extraordinary. I did find that the course made me actually do they things that we spoke about and that has lead to some significant changes. This wasn't a quick fix course, as so many are, where you end up reverting to old, bad habits. This was a life changing one."
Rebecca Kennedy
"I have shed 17 lbs since discovering Andrea a few months back. My metabolic rate has also gone up by some 14 years. I no longer feel sluggish and past my sell by date. Andrea has shown me how to enjoy the food choices I make without guilt and I have broken the habits of a life time to continue to keep the weight off - I would whole heartedly recommend Andrea to my friends."
Linda Shefford
"Your course was exceedingly inspirational. I really valued your whole persona - the way you present yourself in that calm, happy way, led to very good presentations each week. I have come away feeling more positive and upbeat and my partner certainly keeps mentioning the change in me."
Sue from Yateley
"Thank you so much for being so inspiring. I would never have thought a course about weight loss would have given me such confidence to pursue my goals. It has been really enjoyable and I have learnt so much about myself. I am pleased to say that I have now lost 5 pounds since starting your course. I have managed to stop my bad snacking habit, which was the main curse in my efforts, and my overall diet has improved considerably. The biggest gain out of it all, is that I no longer feel like I am dieting. I am enjoying food and don't feel hungry because I am making healthier choices. I signed up for your course on impulse after seeing it advertised in the library window. How lucky was I?"
"I have increased my self-esteem and have a more positive outlook. I am able to stop thinking about food constantly and for me this is a first time, ever!"
Amanda Jackman
"I've found our sessions so useful. I even had to adjust my rear view mirror driving home I was sitting that much taller and confident! I will certainly practice all that we’ve learnt and thank you for your guidance."
Tina Lavenu
"From week one, I realised that I am in control and I make my own decisions. It is about me changing my beliefs and my behaviour. I have really enjoyed the course. Andrea is inspirational."
"On your course I learnt how to gain control of my mind and thoughts and to remember to live in the moment. I really valued the idea that life can be fun whatever the situation."
Janet Wall
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